Because of the high quality of beans that we sell, which makes a huge difference between the beans that you can buy at any store versus ours, we have a “5 Day Promise”: we get them from a local Dunn Brother Coffee shop where the beans are roasted in small batches, in-store, every day. What does it mean? That they are freshly roasted beans and the coffee is never more than 5 days old! Freshest than this? No way! Makes the difference? Oh, yes!

And, who is Dunn Bros Coffee? It’s a well known award-winning coffee company with the nearest store in Addison, TX. How we are so sure than Dunn Bros carries the best quality coffee beans out there? Dunn Bros Coffee partners with the most respected certifiers of sustainably grown coffee in the world including Fair Trade USA and Rainforest Alliance. So, next time you come, give it a try and get a one pound of regular or organic freshly roasted beans from Latin America or Africa! Ask Val, our expert barista! At World Blend we take the quality of coffee beans very seriusly!