Did you know that we have some of the best selection of coffee beans from different countries in the world? If you are a coffee lover, have tried our coffee and love it, you gotta get one of our 1 pound or 12 oz bags of coffee beans because you cannot expect less than the best quality coffee!

Available at World Blend:

1 Pound Bags (Regular and Single Origin Coffees):

  • Brazil (Women Coffee Producers Collection) – Light roast – Hints of Hazelnut and Melon
  • Colombia (Women Coffee Producers Collection) – Light Roast – Hints of Stone Fruit and Chocolate
  • Costa Rica (Tarrazu Area) – Dark Roast – Hints of Cherry, Spice and Chocolate
  • Guatemala (Huehuetenango Area) – Dark Roast – Hints of Caramel and Chocolate

12 Oz. Bags (Regular and Single Origin Coffees):

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Medium Roast – Hints of Sweet Citrus
  • Kenya AA – Medium Roast – Hints of Juicy Fruit (Berry and Citrus)

12 Oz. Bags (Flavored Coffees):

  • Hazelnut – Medium Roast
  • Caramel – Medium Roast
  • Texas Pecan – Medium Roast