In need of buying your last Christmas presents? We got you covered! Come and check us out! We have anything from Christmas themed coffee/tea mugs to Christmas tree ornaments, greeting cards, handcrafted kitchen/decorative items and jewelry made in Nicaragua and Mexico! Because we are a socially responsible small business, we support artisans from around the world where our coffee beans actually come from! Fortunately, there are people and organizations in the world who are willing to support these artisans and we are happy to follow the chain! We are not just a reseller; we are a partner that cares about building community and bring people together by benefiting the artisans who craft these products and at the same time, we make a profit with a purpose. We just don’t sell coffee and coffee related products, but we also sell hope for a better future among these communities. So, next time that you come in, think about buying any of these items for a good cause!