They are both medium roast and they are so good! These coffee beans from Honduras are coming from women coffee producers, which means they are coming from another women’s cooperative and this one is called RAOS. According to one of our coffee beans suppliers, Dunn Bros Coffee, this cooperative “is determined to market its women members’ coffee is that 60 percent of the women face gender-based legal issues with regards to the ownership of their land, as well as limitations to the credit they can receive to finance the harvest every year. In addition to the program premiums these women receive for this lot, Cooperativa RAOS has many active educational support programs open to all members. Gender assemblies are held by female members in order to discuss the women’s needs, as well as ways of increasing equity within the group and community.” This is a great way for women to be heard and for them to be able to meet their goals in a faster and better way. This coffee has delicate citrus and caramel flavors with a prolonged spice finish.

As per the coffee beans from Nicaragua, they originate in a rich with volcanic soils region called Matagalpa, surrounded by tropical forest climate and shade. Matagalpa is one of the top coffee producing regions in the country. These beans have fruit and spice flavors. Crisp green apple-like acidity and caramel richness on the finish.

These coffees won’t be around for long, so get your beans soon before they are all gone!