We are very happy to announce some additions to our menu! One of them is our freshly homemade and creamy oat milk made in house and now available at World Blend for a latte, cappuccino, ice latte or steamer!

We are also launching our natural juice bar with some delicious, healthy and refreshing juices such as our freshly squeezed orange juice, as well as our new creation, Cherokee, which is freshly squeezed orange juice blended with ginger and celery!

But we need to have something coffee, right? Try our new Navajo Shot! Three shots of our fine signature espresso blend perfectly combined with condensed milk ad cinnamon drizzle. Doesn’t it sound yummy?

And, if all these aren’t enough, don’t forget our March Madness Smoothie Edition! Regular flavors plus our signature ones: Italian Strawberry (amaretto flavored syrup and strawberry), Amazon (wild-berry, spinach, chia, flax seed and hemp hearts), Red Velvet (raspberry flavored syrup, white and dark chocolate), Pina Colada (orange-pineapple with coconut flavored syrup) and Luscious Raspberry (raspberry with cream) are back!

Lastly, we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with these tasty drinks: Lucky Cold Brew (Irish cream flavored syrup, cold-press coffee and cream over ice) and Lucky Shake (vanilla ice cream, mint extract, milk, and whipped cream)! Anything better than these? No way!