They are light roasted and they are delicious! According to one of our coffee roasters, Dunn Bros Coffee, these beans are coming from a women’s cooperative called CESMACH. Their farms are located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. “This reserve is home to the largest continuous cloud forest in Mesoamerica, serving as a refuge for thousands of plant and animal species. Coffee here is grown in shade, with biological corridors that have been created to protect animal migratory patterns.” This coffee has hints of stone fruit and spice. Also, it comes from a Women Coffee Producers Collection. Women are doing an amazing job growing and producing fine coffees not only in Mexico, but around the world! Dunn Bros Coffee recognizes the tremendous job that these women are doing and that’s why it created a Women Coffee Collection. Which means is that “these women’s cooperatives are paid additional premiums per pound for their coffee! There are no stipulations with the premiums, and often these women choose to apply them to current projects in their communities, rather than applying to their cooperatives or farms. These community projects include such things as health-care access and improving education.” This is really awesome!

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