My name is Shawn, and I’m one of the regular customers at World Blend. Since the owner and his family are humble and focused on others, I thought it might be appropriate to write this portion of the website on their behalf. Simply put, they are not the type of people who brag, and that means that you wouldn’t get the full story otherwise.

When I first moved to Texas, I landed a couple of miles away from this unassuming little coffee shop. I tried out Starbucks (which was famous and mediocre), several of the other local places, and I finally gave up, resigned to a french press in the kitchen. Then, I found World Blend on Yelp, and stopped in one winter morning to get some work done. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Valdy Pinto, owner and head barista at World Blend, is no stranger to coffee. If you ask about his childhood, he’ll tell you about growing up in Brazil, in a culture that sat down for breakfast every morning to a mostly empty table. Back then, milk was expensive, so the first meal of the day wasn’t cereal… it was a chunk of bread, accompanied by the best cup of local-grown, artisan-roasted coffee you’ve ever tasted, shared with family. And on a really good day, you got a splash of milk in your mug.

This foundation of family, of culture and close-knit community, is the heart of World Blend. Valdy aims to serve the local community in the way that he knows best – by being there during the most important times of his patrons lives.

Complete with a quiet but full-service business services center, you’ll find that once you learn about World Blend, it will become a regular part of the fabric of your day.

You’ll come by at Christmas when you send packages to loved ones. You’ll swing by on snow days to warm up with the kids, or to take advantage of the events they host for the community. If you’re a student, you’ll find yourself here during the stressful times, taking advantage of their wifi and quiet study room (it’s in the back). You’ll make friends, find new family, and become rooted in the community here in North Fort Worth.

World Blend is one of the grounding places that made our community feel like home. From this little coffee shop, all the way around the world and back, they’re bringing people together in a way that communicates the heart of their culture and values.

At World Blend, you’ll belong. I know I do.